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We are not yet another Channel Manager and Booking Engine

For more than 10 years we provide state-of-the-art technology cloud solutions for hotels, resorts, camps, hostels and vacant rentals with integrated products that help them maximize their revenues.

Regardless of whether you are a larger facility that uses its PMS or a small one that uses our PMS, with our tools and our consulting, you will achieve more reservations, raise your online business to a higher level.

We offer integrated Central Reservation System (CRS), Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Revenue (Yield) Manager, Loyalty  Manager and PMS for small properties.

No lock-in contract. Free onboarding and transfer from your current Channel Manager. Support 24/7.

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Who is WebBookingPro for?

Next-generation Booking Engine

Booking Engine without competition

Almost all booking engines redirect outside of hotel main domain. With this step guest's trust is being lost, generally brand awareness is also lost and the chance for the direct reservation is lower. 

With our booking engine your guests stay on your main hotel domain, under main website. We integrate using latest technologies (not using IFRAME) within 1 minute on every web site. Guest is having full brand awareness, simple flow-process to book, all-devices friendly and modern reservation system.

We also believe all important advanced features from World top booking engines are supported, so your migration is painless.

With our advanced UpSell/CrossSell features and integrated Revenue (Yield) Manager, integrated Loyalty manager you can achieve significant growth in direct bookings and ALOS, ADR and TRevPar.

Channel Manager

Balanced and smart distribution of prices and availability

Together with you, we create an optimal and balanced distribution for your property.

We have direct connection to over 20 most important channels that cover over 99% of reservations in the World. We partners we can reach to over 1000 OTA/wholesales/reseller/GDS partners. We are integrated with PMS systems with advanced 2-way connections.

We support all advanced mapping and rates features from top Channel Managers on the world with some our advanced features (advanced configuration of prices per channel - corrections/special rates, limit in the number of units, custom restrictions in special rates, availability corrections specific to rates, ...).

With our integrated Revenue Manager and defined pricing strategy we optimize daily prices to maximize occupancy and revenue.

Google Hotel certified Booking Engine

Receive Free Google bookings

Our booking engine is Google certified - it means your hotel is automatically visible on Google for accommodation searches. For some searches Google will show your direct (booking engine) price for free. To reach more potential guests and boost your visibility you can create special Google Hotel Ads campaign on your Google Ads Account.

The most important thing - this is completely free for all our hotels! We do not take any fee or commissions for Google reservations.


AI powered Revenue Manager

Automate your pricing with real-time decision intelligence

Don't be afraid of AI. With smart dynamic pricing strategy you get higher prices in high occupancy periods and act smart when you in low occupancy period. Technology in real time can measure most important parameters of demand and occupancy and calculate optimal price. With special triggers like ultra last minute price (after 5 PM) or correction of price after cancelation/reservation. And of course this is integrated with Booking Engine, Google and Channel Manager and all connected channels.

If you prefer semi-automated model, you can use easily choose calculated corrections for specific days and room times and for other you can use manual yielding - with BAR levels.

Loyalty Manager

A slightly different Loyalty System

Most loyalty systems work on the principle that guests must register, remember credentials and log in when creating a reservation. We consider it unnecessary and tiring for the guest.

With our loyalty system, you can define dynamic rules under which conditions the guest receives a certain discount - for example, if he has made a minimum of 3 reservations in the past year, he receives a discount for a Suite room type in the next 60 days and only for days inside a week.

The guest receives information about Loyalty discount immediately after entering his email address in 2nd Step of Reservation process.

Booking Engine
Central Reservation System

Automate process from offer to confirmed booking

More than 90% hotel chains use Central Reservation System. Small and medium properties are still not familiar with those tools. CRS is a place where you control all reservations, pre-reservations (reservations with due date), offers. A place where you can with few clicks check availability and most accurate prices, create reservations with due date, automatically send email to guest for final confirmation (and e.g. request payment by credit card in some amount).  A place where you can with few clicks create email with several options/offers to choose in several supported languages. Automatically confirmation by the guest or automatic cancellation in free period by the guest saves your time.

You can customize offer template in several languages as you wish completely.

And all reservations visible in your PMS - like Opera, Opera Cloud, Milenij or Diventa.

An integrated CRS/PMS for Small Properties

All properties and units in one calendar

For Hotels we suggest staying with your current PMS and we will integrate with them. 

For small properties like vacant rentals you can use our PMS and centralize your availability and restrictions calendars, manage bookings, create and view invoices (including prepayment invoices), track cash-register, handle guest contact information, manage housekeeping, view statistics, daily arrivals, departures and much more.

Easy changing reservation properties, moving reservations, managing Folios (expenses and payments), splitting expenses with several Folios. Self-check-in link can make your guest information filling data faster.

Automate creating offers (prebookings) and bookings with auto-user confirmation or auto-cancellation if not confirmed on time.

Control housekeeping state of every room and allow special housekeeping accounts to view arrivals, departures and set room status as "Clean".


Why choose WebBookingPro?

Booking engine without competition
Not many booking engines on the world can integrate into your website - fully complying with your brand (header, footer, colors). Integration within minute with Javascript (not IFRAME)
All-in-one Cloud solution
We provide modern interface - easy and advanced at the same time. You can still continue using your current PMS - we will integrate with your PMS.

Top Security, high reliability and speed and technology of the future are our goals.
Smart Distribution
With our connections we can reach more than 1000 final OTAs, wholesales, resellers, retails, bed-banks. By choosing right mix of channels and markets and defining right price strategy we help you grow your business.
Always with you
We give you full support for all your needs, we do connecting with your channels on your request, we do Free Onboarding!

Our support is on email, telephone, Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype.
Théophile Baume
Théophile Baume
May 18, 2023
J'utilise l'application depuis décembre 2022. Enorme économie de temps au niveau des tâches administratives ! Ivan est disponible H24 7/7. Très agréable de trouver ce niveau de professionnalisme !
Vlado Tonkovic
Vlado Tonkovic
May 17, 2023
Great software. Loaded with features. We integrated the channel manager provided by WebBookingPro directly into our Hotel PMS without any problems. It's working fast and responsive. Support is quick and helpful too.
Villa Kuzmanić
Villa Kuzmanić
May 16, 2023
Great product!
Mladenka Pušić
Mladenka Pušić
May 10, 2023
Uvijek dostupni, stručni i spremni pomoći u svim situacijama.
Roberta Ivanić
Roberta Ivanić
May 10, 2023
Odlična usluga i pomoć u poslovanju
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