10+ years of real-business experience

People behind WebBookingPro are owners of successful hotel and several vacant rentals units

WebBookingPro is the complete and customizable software solution to manage rooms, rates, reservations, guests and boost your revenue. You can manage any type of accommodation facility from a single online platform, accessible from both desktop and mobile.

WebBookingPro is the right answer to the rapid growth of the hospitality market generated by the rise of OTAs (online travel agencies) and hotel aggregators (metasearch) that increasingly requires cloud-based solutions. All-in-one PMS including all the main services - hotel management, channel manager, booking engine, revenue manager - needed to optimize the hotelier's time and resources.

WebBookingPro is modular, with a flexible pricing model that allows you to enable/disable any additional service at any time.

With larger properties (hotels) we usually work as an add-on with 2-way connection with other PMS/HIS solutions giving them Channel manager, Booking engine and Revenue Manager. With smaller properties (b&b, vacant rentals, property management agencies, hostels) we can offer fully solution that covers all processes.
We know your processes, your requirements, your daily activities. We know your expectations for security and reliability! We know your concerns about overbookings. We know your main goals - maximize revenue with high occupancy. 

We know trust is important - we take care of your reservations for more than 10 years!

We understand your needs

We develop by your needs

The majority of our features and tools originates from our own need or feedback from our customers. Tell us what you need!
Based on your property type, country, type of guests and where they come from, we give you FREE advices for choosing best channels, best practices in defining rates, improving occupancy rate, improving average daily price and at the end increase in revenue!

We consult you

Free 30 Days Trial Period

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Who We Are
Alpha Software Ltd. has been founded with real experience in hotel business, maximizing the use of IT technology for better productivity and more sales especially within small and medium size hotels.
Our Mission
Is to become leading affordable SaaS provider for small and medium hotels with many advanced features including affordable and powerful booking engine, channel manager, advanced revenue manager and guest application.
Our Vision
Is to listen your needs and ideas and together actively develop hospitality services that focuses on your success and boost your productivity, income and guest satisfaction.
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