Goals: Ease of management 

WebBookingPro is developed by owners of several vacant rentals - we know what has to be done and it can be done! We know best business practices and legal obligations.

Multiple properties - single view

If you have just 1 or multiple properties - from Dashboard, Cockpit, Timeline or any other part of WebBookingPro you can always see only one specific property or All properties. 

Setting restrictions (closed, minimum stay, closed for arrival, ...), correcting prices (+-% or +- absolute) for multiple properties at the same time is similar as for 1 property. 

Moving reservations from one property to another property  or from one accommodation unit to another in same property is simple as drag&drop operation in Timeline. 

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No more overbookings

Channel Manager that works 24/7 with usual update in few seconds up to minute after any action will take care there is no overbookings. 

When new reservation, modification or cancellation is received all channels are automatically informed about availability as soon as possible. 

Channel manager has many automatically checked developed over years to make sure everything is perfectly synchronized between WebBookingPro and all connected channels.

Streamline and automate operations

Use WebBookingPro from anywhere, easily create offers/pre-bookings or even real bookings with due date that will be sent to guest in few seconds. Reservations automatically close periods on OTAs, pre-bookings don't close. Guest can automatically confirm unconfirmed pre-booking or reservation or even do online payment with one of many supported payment gateways and the reservation will immediately become as confirmed. Unconfirmed reservations can automatically be cancelled, confirmed reservations within time for free cancel can also be automatically cancelled by guest. Send you guest personalized automatic email before arrival (up to 7 days before) in 5 different languages. Send you guest personalized "thank-you" email upon departure. 


Housekeeping with ease

With WebBookingPro you can create unlimited accounts for your housekeeping. Assign properties to each account so each of them is enable to see status of each room (guest checked in, checkedout, dirty or clean) and set each room as "Clean" when it is ready. 

There is no need for installation of any mobile application - just Internet connection with and mobile phone with browser support.

Don't have website? No problem

If you do not have website, we can offer you cheap package that will register a domain for you, give a hosting for your domain and offer a web site that looks as booking engine. 5 languages supported. Guests can in real-time see information about the property, accommodation units, pictures, actual prices and availability.

Guests can create bookings with many payment options available (payment via bank with automatic confirmation or without automatic confirmation, payment via credit card via more than 10 supported Payment gateways, ...).

If you already have website, we can prepare simple instructions for your webmaster, but we can also install the booking engine and make this process faster - we will just need temporary Admin access to your website.




Mobile App?

Of course, WebBookingPro has a mobile app for iPhone and Android available for download via the App Store or Google Play platforms.

The application has absolutely all the same functionalities as the web application - there are no differences and all operations are equally possible.
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