Goals: Balanced distribution, seamless integration with all solutions giving revenue growth

Behind the experienced team that develops and manages WebBookingPro is over 15 years of experience in the hotel industry and over 30 years of experience in development.

You continue using your current PMS

Small hotels and B&B usually use WebBookingPro as All-in-one solution, but larger hotels have more complex business operations and they prefer using their current PMS for hotel operations (checking, checkout, ...).

No problem, we have several top PMS solutions already integrated (check Partners & Integrations), but we can build integration with your PMS quickly and easily using our or their platform API. 

WebBookingPro will take care of availability synchronization with all channels, take care of OTA and Booking engine reservations and manage prices on all channels with advanced mapping configurations and price automation using integrated Revenue Manager. 

WebBookingPro can even take care of creating offers, prebookings, reservations with due date, automate process of emailing guest, requesting payments and managing deposits. 

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We advise you in defining the distribution strategy

We offer advice on how to best position the hotel in online distribution for each property according to its size, destination, type of vacation it offers, type of guest average length of stay, emission markets, seasonality.

Online distribution is not only known OTA channels such as Booking.com and Expedia, but also various smaller agencies, smaller and larger tour operators, smaller and larger "resellers" to which we connect via GDS or HUB systems.

WebBookingPro has a wide range of channels to which it can be connected, but it is necessary to balance the invested time and costs with the effect that each channel achieves.

Central Reservation System - Streamline and automate operations

Use WebBookingPro from anywhere, easily create offers/pre-bookings or even real bookings with due date that will be sent to guest in few seconds. Reservations are immediately visible in your PMS too. Guest can automatically confirm unconfirmed reservation or even do online payment with one of many supported payment gateways and the reservation will immediately become as confirmed in both system (WebBookingPro and your PMS). Unconfirmed reservations can automatically be cancelled, confirmed reservations within time for free cancel can also be automatically cancelled by guest. Send you guest personalized automatic email before arrival (up to 7 days before) in 5 different languages. Send you guest personalized "thank-you" email upon departure. 


Increase direct bookings and reduce commission costs

Our booking engine has  flat subscription without any additional costs. Direct bookings will increase over next years so keep in mind your expenses.

With smart online reservation strategy you can reduce commission in average 50-80%. 

Since WebBookingPro is certified Google partner, every hotel is automatically connected to Google Hotels Metasearch platform which enables you to be seen by Google accommodation searches (free and with support of Google Hotel Ads platform). 

With Upsell/CrossSell strategies you can increase ALOS and TRevPar.

And finally, don't forget WebBookingPro's booking engine seamlessly integrate with your website - guests are not leaving main hotel's domain or website at any step.

Automatic price correction?

With our Revenue Manager you can automatically every day change daily future price (up to 365 days) based on your rules and your target goals with support for our intelligence. Our strategy is to get higher prices in high occupancy periods and act smart when you in low occupancy period. Prices upon dynamic correction calculation are always sent to all connected OTA channels.

Our algorithms can act not only based on current occupancy, but on demand prediction.

All hotels who actively use Revenue Manager show more bookings on all channels.




We love beautiful and advanced UI

We believe user interface has to be beautiful with many visual information given by colors, but advanced in the same time. Let exploring analytics becomes enjoyable time with nice colors and useful information for creating best decisions. Be aware you can create unlimited custom reports with custom looking and compare period and custom KPIs for each report. 

Let creating rates becomes enjoyable experience with visual presentation. Be aware you can create unlimited linked or separate custom rates. In each rate you can have separate prices based on number of persons or linked prices based on number of persons (e.g. separate price for single-use or linked price for single-use). 

Mobile App?

Of course, WebBookingPro has a mobile app for iPhone and Android available for download via the App Store or Google Play platforms. 

The application has absolutely all the same functionalities as the web application - there are no differences and all operations are equally possible.




Housekeeping with ease

With WebBookingPro you can create unlimited accounts for your housekeeping. Each account is enable to see status of each room (guest checked in, checkedout, dirty or clean) and set each room as "Clean" when it is ready.

There is no need for installation of any mobile application - just Internet connection with and mobile phone with browser support.
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