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Channel Manager

Increase your revenue and control your different online platforms in one place with our integrated Channel Manager. Unique Channel Manager features on the market today (soft-release) and advanced rates mapping configuration.

Easily Manage Availability and Pricing

A sales channel manager enables you to control availability and pricing to distribution channels/resellers on an automated basis from a single point.

With the ability to maximize your occupancy and avoid double bookings, as well as automatic syncing of rates to Online Travel Agents such as Booking.com, Expedia or AirBnB – it’s never been easier to increase your bookings for your accommodation through the Channel Manager.

Get real time updates that push to your Property Management System, access to global distribution systems, set up virtual properties and room rates and retrieve the credit card and securely store and capture it with our PCI DSS compliant vault.

Advanced rate mapping and unique features

With our Advanced rate mapping features every OTA connection can have different price correction based on your "Standard" rate - e.g. you can increase or decrease by percentage (e.g. for Non-refundable rates) or with fixed values (e.g. for halfboard). You can also limit number of available units for each accommodation type for each OTA connection.

With our soft-release unit feature (unique on the market) you can fully limit some number of units in the future (e.g. after 60 days from today) - to avoid ability to completely book all units by one OTA and then completely cancel all of them at the end of free-cancellation period.

We give you Free advice for best configuration of rates, choosing best combination of OTA connections for your type of property, your destination and your guests. Usually properties use between 2-4 connection in average. All of them usually have 90% of revenue with only 1-3 connections. It is better to choose 3-5 most important connections than have many connections that do not give any revenue.

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Direct Connections

realtime 2-way connections using XML

Direct Connections using iCAL

realtime 1.5-way connections using iCAL

Connections using Premium Partners 

realtime 2-way connections using XML, transparently in background
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