Connect Google Free links, Google Hotel Ads and TripAdvisor

Google Free Links and Google HotelAds

Google Hotel Ads utilizes the Google platform for users searching for specific accommodation, or accommodation in an area, to showcase your property for users to book online with instant availability and confirmation.

Millions of searches are performed on Google Ads every day, with Google releasing figures that Google estimates metasearch ads on their platform have a potential to reach over 1 Billion users per week, with 1 in 3 hotel queries start in Google maps and 1 in 4 hotel bookings start in Google maps for accommodation.

This is a huge chance for you to convert these potential guests into customers and own the guest experience. These ads show in the search, maps and assistant variants of Google.

You can manage CPC campaigns in your Google Ads account, or it can be handled by us. Our CPC campaigns use high performance marketing with flexibility and adaptability to scale in the direction you need to make sure you’re hitting your occupancy targets.

Our goal at WebBookingPro is our Booking Engine becomes the strongest conversion channel. The long term shift of revenue to direct customers from other platforms straight to your shop window via targeted optimization of Booking Engine and GHA

TripAdvisor - TripConnect

Travelers can consult your property’s prices and availabilities directly on TripAdvisor. You will receive high-quality web traffic from TripAdvisor and convert it into reservations with our Web Booking Engine.

WebBookingPro is a certified Partner with TripAdvisor.

Only Certified Partners can be connected with TripConnect CPC campaigns. The certificate ensures the connection to API TripConnect: Codified, Tested and Approved by TripAdvisor.

Free 30 Days Trial Period

Easy activation
Enabling support for Google and TripAdvisor is in minutes. Property on Google will be visible in few days. Property on TripAdvisor is visible immediately.
Direct Booking Technology - No hidden fees
Reservation you receive via Google or Tripadvisor are commission-free. You only pay CPC for campaigns directly to Google or TripAdvisor
Changes in real-time
Availability, prices, discounts - everything is synced in real-time with Google and TripAdvisor. Any change is visible immediately.
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