How to increase online bookings by increasing guest trust?

Online reservation systems ("Booking engines") have existed since the first hotel websites existed. At first, these systems were reserved exclusively for larger hotels and chains with larger budgets for IT services. Today, when we look at the first booking engines, they look funny in design and concept - of course, just like Windows 3.1 looks funny compared to Windows 11 or the first smartphone interfaces compared to today. Looking at the prices, options and types of licenses (subscription or buying software in the old days) everything looks ridiculous.

Today, reservation systems are affordable, there are a large number of them on the market, but some are still in trend today in terms of design and capabilities, and some unfortunately still remain at the level of Windows 95.

Certainly the prices are more affordable today, but what can encourage hotel managers to make a right choose is how oriented the reservation system is to conversions, how modern is design, ease of use, functionalities that the hotel is looking for.

They all brag about design, functionality, and possibilities. Of course it is important, but what is even more important?

Achieving reservations (conversions) is the ultimate goal, and to achieve this the guest must be motivated by the "experience" of the hotel presented by the booking engine - which is influenced by the hotel offer, prices, included services, website/booking engine design and many other factors.

But it also has to create "trust". Trust that he will not be cheated, that his credit card will be charged safely and that what he is booking has a clear policy of what he gets, what are the terms of the guarantee, cancellation and so.

This trust should be built with a good presentation on booking engine, an attractive offer and transparent information.

But one seemingly small thing can be crucial. Almost all reservation systems work on separate domains (domain owned by the owner of the booking engine). They eventually allow subdomains like to redirect to their booking interface page.

Just leaving the hotel's main website is already a small loss of trust despite clearly stating that it is the official booking channel.

Do you think search "Book Now Hotel Name" will show this booking engine on Google (try)? And if somehow will, do you believe guest will like to go to some other domain that is not official hotel domain for this first visit? There are hundreds of websites that offer to book your hotel, and essentially work as intermediaries for and other systems.

Furthermore, if the hotel's website is attractive, why can't the reservation system be part of that page - the guest stays on it, has full brand awareness of the main page and feels the greatest trust there.

This is possible only with reservation systems that follow technologies and create a booking experience ahead of time. That's why we consider that all reservation systems on other people's domains or subdomains are outdated.

One of such reservation systems is the WebBookingPro Booking Engine, which is integrated into any web page in a few lines (a few minutes) and dynamically loaded every time the booking engine page is opened (do not use IFRAME). With such an integration method, header, footer, background of the website is the same, it is also possible to completely customize every detail of the font type, color and button design with simple CSS tricks.

And when that trust is at the top, when everything is beautifully and transparently presented, and when the reservation process is a maximum of 2 steps, the guest decides to complete the reservation.

How it looks in real hotel website? Visit some example hotel websites:

WebBookingPro Booking Engine achieves more conversions compared to similar systems because, in addition to trust in the hotel brand, it also has certain tricks to encourage and motivate guests to hurry up with reservations at certain times. All this was created through years of working in hotels. Of course, for the overall result, the integrated Revenue Manager is also important, which can dynamically correct daily prices in real time and according to certain criteria, as well as triggers. And of course, every serious hotel today wants to be visible on Google with its direct price when searching for accommodation - this is provided by most serious booking engines today, but WebBookingPro includes it completely free of charge and without additional commissions per reservation.

If you are thinking about switching from another existing solution, contact us for a presentation - every migration is painless with our help.

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