NEW: Booking enigne that fully integrates into your website

There are thousands of booking engines on the world, and just few of them integrate fully into ANY website, under brand domain, brand design, brand header, menu and footer. 99% of booking engine work on different domain (domain owned by booking engine provider) and nowadays it is not possible to integrate them using IFRAME (due security issues most browsers block IFRAME from different domains). But using latest development technologies that dynamically on runtime inject booking engine code into your website this is now possible. Booking engine looks more professional, more brand aware, more modern, more mobile friendly, extremely faster and with 2 simple steps final goal is to have more direct reservations.

Our booking engine is also Google certified so searches for your hotel on could lead to this booking engine.

Booking engine can also be styled using CSS available on main website – and usually any change to font is done after booking enine is loaded so this font is used as default. Look at the website for example: website1 website2 website3.

We have created a plugin for WordPress so installation under WordPress site is under 1 minute. Those example sites use WordPress as CMS. It is possible to integrate on any website.

So if you want to have best booking experience for your guests, think about integrating booking engine into your website. Think about using WebBookingPro Booking Engine and Channel Manager.

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