Property Management System

With easy multi-property support

All properties and units in one calendar

With a vacation rental PMS you can centralize your availability and restrictions calendars, manage bookings, create and view invoices (including prepayment invoices), handle guest contact information, view statistics, daily arrivals, departures and much more.

Benefit from a unique central calendar with all your bookings aggregated information. How many guests are coming, contacts, when are they arriving, do they have any special requests etc.

Made-to-measure for smaller properties such as hostels, b&bs, apartments, Villas, Holiday houses.

Basic PMS (WBP Cloud Basic) is completely FREE forever



  • Interactive Calendar with room and reservation options. Manage bookings with drag&drop.
  • Management of Status(Unconfirmed, Confirmed, Paid, Checked In, Checked Out)
  • Deposit & Prepayment Invoices
  • Prebookings/Offers with auto-confirm by guest or auto-cancel due date
  • Invoicing based on Local fiscal rules
  • Guestbook - guest information
  • Arrivals, departures, guest staying
  • Extra Management
  • Statistics & Business Intelligence
  • Connection with Booking Engine and Channel Manager
  • Auto Backup
  • Regular Update
  • New Features developed by your request
  • Support included
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