Independent, analytical and smart

Revenue Manager

Boost revenue on high demand days, and be smart on low demand days.

Automate your pricing

You simply define WHEN-THEN scenarios with which you define price corrections (decrease or increase) using numerous parameters. Adjustments can be fixed or proportional to the desired goal. The goals can be occupancy, but also the speed of arrival of new reservations for a particular day.

In the background, we take care to set your desired goals mathematically in advanced analytical formulas with which we update prices.

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Works 24 hours - saves a minimum of 30 minutes a day

Automation can not only generate more revenue, higher occupancy, but can also achieve savings in manual activities (human resources). Well-set automated pricing conditions significantly shorten periodic manual price updates (daily?).

Periods covered by automatic price correction are updated once a day (during night), and certain triggers react immediately when conditions are met throughout the day (e.g. cancellation of last available room).
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