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 Free (for hotels up to 10 rooms)PremiumPremium with Channel Manager
iPad, Tablet and Smartphone Compatibility – fully responsive designYESYESYES
3 Front-end languages support: English, German, CroatianYESYESYES
Different types of properties (hotel, villa, apartment, …)YESYESYES
Hotel management with many customizable settings (check in, check out, Google Analytics, Privacy info, Terms of usage, Pictures, ...YESYESYES
Hotel and room-level facilities managementYESYESYES
Rooms and Room Types managementYESYESYES
Room availability calendarYESYESYES
Prices per period and week of day, prices per room or per person (e.g. for 1 adult, for 2 adults, for 2 adults with 2 children, …)YESYESYES
VAT calculation by countriesYESYESYES
Multi-Language supportYESYESYES
Bookings management and historyYESYESYES
Bookings management/statisticsYESYESYES
Hotel owner reservation possibilityYESYESYES
Reporting moduleYESYESYES
Multi-Hotel supportYESYES
Dynamic price calculation (based on length of stay, number of available rooms, days between reservation and checkin, …)YESYES
Packages support (e.g. package for 2 persons, 5 days with special features and price)YESYES
Multi-Currency support – you can define own exchange ratioYESYES
Meal plans (e.g. Bed & Breakfast, Half-pension, …)YESYES
Extras (e.g. Massage, Baby cot, Excursion, ...)YESYES
Channel manager with connection to more than 150 OTA channels.YES
Price (monthly)
(25% VAT included)
FREE - without limit in number of bookingsRooms:
1: 4 €
2-10: 6 €
11-25: 11 €
26-50: 28 €
51-100: 65 €
101-: contact us
1: 10.75 €
2-10: 62 €
11-25: 118 €
26-50: 187 €
51-100: 250 €
101-: contact us
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