Getting Booking Details

To get details about specific booking use the following XML request:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><request apiKey="your_api_key" userName="your_property_username" password="your_property_password">
<getBookingDetails hotelId="111" bookingid="3007995073"/>

Both hotelId and bookingid are required.

If request was successful you should retrieve XML like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Response><booking><bookingid>3007995073</bookingid><bookingdate>2021-04-27T13:12:03+02:00</bookingdate><modifieddate>2021-04-29T09:44:04+02:00</modifieddate><status>2</status><payment_info/><source>boo</source><additional_info>This is a Risk-Free Reservation.
Upgraded policy: Free cancellation until 2 days before check-in.
Please note that the credit card details have been updated. We recommend validating the card as soon as possible. For charging the card, you can follow your usual process.
More information can be found at</additional_info><currency>EUR</currency><total>169.02</total><extras_fee>0.00</extras_fee><guest_tax>2.70</guest_tax><first_name>Mirko</first_name><last_name>Miocic</last_name><birth_date>0000-00-00</birth_date><address/><city/><country>HR</country><phone>+385 90 1111111</phone><email></email><Rooms><Room id="300" count="1" checkin="2021-05-01" checkout="2021-05-02" adults="2" children="0" price="166.32" extra_beds="0" extra_beds_charge="0.00" mealplan=""/></Rooms></booking></Response>

bookingdate is always retrieved in RFC3339 DateTime format.

modifieddate is retrieved in RFC3339 only when reservation was modified.

status_changed is retrieved in RFC3339 only when reservation's status was changed (e.g. to Cancelled).

payment_info - shows payment text sent via some OTAs

total - total value of reservation

currency - currency code

guest_tax - if available taxes included in reservation like touristic tax

extras_fee - if avilable, extras included in reservation like parking, crib, ...

additional_info - all text sent via OTAs or additional notes sent via direct WBP reservation

source - code of source

first_name, last_name, birth_date, phone, email, city, country - all information about guest that made reservation.

<Rooms> object contains 1 or several <room> elements.

each <room> element has following attributes

id - id of room

count - number of reserved rooms

checkin - checkin date in format YYYY-MM-DD

checkout - checkout date in format YYYY-MM-DD

adults - number of adults

children - number of children

price - price of specific room

extra_beds - number of extra beds


meal_plan - text about meal plan

meal_plan_price - additional price for choosed meal_plan if set



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