This document is the official reference for the WebBookingPro Connectivity API. The WBP Connectivity APIs enable Connectivity Partners to send and retrieve data for properties on WBP. All data sent to WBP is updated on all connected partners (e.g. OTAs, other Channel Managers, Meta Search Portals, ...) simultaneously.

If you are developing PMS your customers can control over all inventory availability and restrictions and view reservations with all needed information in your interface. This creates added value for your solution to integrate with direct reservations on property website or with connected OTAs without managing several Extranets (Administration areas).

Our Web Service API is HTTP based

The methods that retrieve or submit data require a POST request method.

We use XML for structured data exchange

We use simple XML structure for input and output, encoded in UTF-8.


All requests to the API must use the HTTPS protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol [HTTP/1.1], over Transport Layer Security [TLS 1.2].

All requests must include three important elements:

  • API Key - unique key for each Connectivity Partner (e.g. PMS provider) - we define this parameter and it is same for all properties using same Connectivity Partner
  • Property username - you choose username
  • Property password - you choose password

Base URLs

The WBP Connectivity API (version 2.0) use following url:


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