Updating Inventory Availability

To update inventory for specific room(s) and specific period, please use following XML request:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><request apiKey="your_api_key" userName="your_property_username" password="your_property_password">
<updateInventory hotelId="111" roomId="300" dateFrom="2021-04-29" dateTo="2021-04-30" nrRooms="2">
<updateInventory hotelId="111" roomId="300" dateFrom="2021-05-01" dateTo="2021-05-31" nrRooms="3" LOS="3">
<updateInventory hotelId="111" roomId="300" dateFrom="2021-06-01" dateTo="2022-05-31" Closed="1">
<updateInventory hotelId="111" roomId="301" dateFrom="2021-06-01" dateTo="2022-05-31" Closed="1">

<request> can have multiple <updateInventory> objects.

hotelId, roomdId, dateFrom, dateTo are mandatory attributes of <updateInventory> object.

nrRooms sends number of available rooms. If not set nrRooms is set to 0!

LOS sends MinLOS if applicable. If not set MinLOS value is not changed!

Closed=1 closes room for specific period, Closed=0 opens room for specific period. If not set Closed value is not changed!

CFA=1 closes room for arrival for specific period, CFA=0 resets. If not set CFA value is not changed!

CFD=1 closes room for departure for specific period, CFD=0 resets. If not set CFD value is not changed!




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