WebBookingPro support custom/additional rates that can be used for:

Custom Rate can be:

Each Rate can have separate restrictions for Close, Close on Departure, Close on Arrival and MinLOS.

For example you can add "Non refundable" Rate with 10% discount on Standard rate, by Correction Amount = 0.00 and Correction Factor = 0.90.


For each room you have ability to set custom restrictions like "Closed", "Closed for Arrival", "Closed for Departure" or "Minimum length of stay". You can set this via 2 different ways:

  1. Hotel Management - Hotel Info - Rooms - Availability

Every change is sent automatically to all connected channels.

Second was is to do bulk change for one or more room types using Home screen, "Set Long Term Data" button


If you use this Long term data change window, please make sure to enter 1 in the text box on the right to set parameter to YES or 0 to set parameter to NO. 


Last step is to define your supported Payment options you want to enable.

Available options are:

If you work with some other payment gateway, we can develop connection with them by their API specification for FREE on request.

One of advanced features of WebBookingPro is ability to set up Rates on several ways:

If you have "Seasons" we recommend defining seasons so you can easily later add season periods in your Rates for every room.

Click on Hotel Management - Hotel Info - [Define] (under Periods column).

With "Add New" Button you can define seasons. With edit you can Modify Season info, or with delete Delete Season info.

Now go again to Hotel Management - Hotel Info - [Rooms] and for every Room Type choose [Prices] link.

Adding new prices is easily. If you have set season periods, you can click on blue button "Add Default Periods" but before make sure you have selected right number of Adults and Children.

What is right number of Adults and Children?

If you sell your room with 1 price that it not depending on number of persons (e.g. same price for 2 adults or 1 adult, or same price for 2 adults, 2 children) then you choose your max capacity for Adults and max capacity for Children. This will generate "Room Price".

At any time you want to add custom price for e.g. Single use (1 Adult, 0 Children) you can add same season periods but then preselect "1" for Adults, and "0" for Children before clicking blue button "Add Default Periods".

If you do not have predefined seasons, you can simplty add any new period - e.g. whole year, select From, To date, select number of Adults and Children for which this price will exist, and set prices for the days in week on the rgiht. At the end just click "Add New".

If you want anytime to change your prices, do any change on the top and click "Save Changes" button.

If you enter any number different than 0 on Non-ref Discount % - this will enable Nonrefundable prices to be shown on specific period and combination of adults/children.

If you want to set custom prices only for specific period that overlaps with any period you already defined, you can set up "Priority price" by checking Priority price checkbox.

On the end, if you want to delete some period or priority price, you can simply click on Delete icon on the end of each period line.

All Price changes are visible on Booking engine in real-time. All price changes are also immediately visible on TripAdvisor Metasearch  and Atraveo if connected. All price changes are sent immediately on Google Metasearch, but visible in next 30 minutes.

For other OTA channels connected, prices are sent via "Update Channel Prices" button. 



For left menu choose "Hotel Management" - "Hotel info" - "[Rooms]" to set up Rooms for your property.

If your property is Villa or House for rent that is selling as whole property, you must define 1 ROOM that represents this property. You can set name of the Room same as name of the property.

To add new rooms, please click "Add New" button.

To modify existing rooms click on edit icon on the end of every Room line.

For every room type (or 1 room that represents your property) you must at least set:

We recommend setting at least 4 images and room facilities and room description in all languages you support. All those information will be used for presenatation of room on Booking engine, or when sending room information to OTA channels where Content is supported (e.g. Google Metasearch, TripAdvisor, Atraveo, Booking.com)

Under Hotel Management - Hotels Info you can set up:

We always suggest for editing general property information.


We always suggest editing at least following information:

Information important for Booking Engine and Channel Managers:


When you finished editing information, click on blue "Update" button available on top or bottom of page.

Next we suggest configuring available and (Default) Meal plan.

Even if you do not have Meal plans available in your property (e.g. you just sell overnight stay) - you have to configure Text and Description of Default Meal plan to be "Overnight" or "Day". 

Choose Hotel Management - Meal Plans from left menu.

You can Edit default Meal plan (or any other if available) by clicking on "Edit" image (edit) on the end of every line

Make sure you always have at least 1 Meal plan. Otherwise, your Booking engine may not work and may not show available rooms when guest is seeking for availability.


By default system has set 1 Currency - EUR.

From the Left menu, under Hotel Management - Currencies you define currencies, major currency, secondary currencies, and conversion rate. All prices you enter later (room, meals, ...) are in base currency. If you decide to adjust your conversion rate (for example, from your currency to EUR) then you will change this through this menu.

To Add new currency click on blue "Add New".

After adding new currency you will have list like this:

To log into WebBookingPro please visit https://secure.webbookingpro.com/login/

After first login you will get "Home" page. Your new account and new property has been configured with:

  1. Double Room
  2. Price for Room has been set to 100 EUR for all nights for whole current year

In the menu on the left

under Accounts - My Account - you can change your password.

To create an WebBookingPro account please use our sign-up form.

Enter at least:

and click "Create Free Account".

You will receive email with generated username and password so you can log into Administration area.

To log into Administration area please click here.

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