3. Property Setup

Under Hotel Management - Hotels Info you can set up:

  • General Property information (edit icon on the end of line)
  • General Property Images - "Upload" link under "Images" column
  • General Periods (Seasons) - "[Define]" link under "Periods" column
  • Room Management - "[Rooms]" link under "Rooms" column

We always suggest for editing general property information.


We always suggest editing at least following information:

Information important for Booking Engine and Channel Managers:

  • Property Type - choose type of your property
  • Name
  • Address
  • Postal code
  • City
  • Country
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Image (main Property image)
  • Check-in time (in hh:mm format)
  • Check-out time (in hh:mm format)
  • Available languages on booking site separated with comma - this defines which languages you would like to support on your Booking Engine. By default it is English and this textbox has en text. You can add following languages as text separated with comma (e.g. en,hr,de)
    • English - en
    • German - de
    • Italian - it
    • Croatian - hr
    • Slovenian - sl
    • Spanish - es
  • Cancellation Policy
    • Days - means how many days before is DEADLINE
    • Penalty after Deadline - means what is charged for cancellation after Deadline
    • Penalty before Deadline - means what is charged for cancellation before Deadline but after Reservation. Leave 0 if you do not charge for cancellation before Deadline.
  • Choose Hotel Facilities
  • Custom HTML
    • Map Code: paste <IFRAME>...</IFRAME> code from Google Maps where you set your point so we can display Google Maps on your Property Page
    • Google Analytics - paste your Google Analytics code to receive information about visits to your Booking engine
  • Company / Owner Information
  • Now for every supported language you have recommended texts:
    • (not important) "Preferences" - small description about your property
    • (recommended) "Description" - long description about your property - HTML can be supported
    • (important) Legal Disclaimer - information about "Reservation guarantee, cancellation policy as text and everything you want to show guests on Second page of Booking Engine - when they choose Room, and you want to send in email when Reservation is made". You can put here all information about payment methods - e.g. supported credit cards, COVID information.
    • (not important) Legal Disclaimer (Non-refundable) - same information as before but when using Non refundable prices.
    • (recommended) "Privacy Policy" - a text about your Privacy policy if you have if.
    • (not important) "Additional Data" - HTML text or images shown under Property main image in First step of Booking engine. Usually we recommend adding images to your Awards (e.g. TripAdvisor, Booking.com, ...)


When you finished editing information, click on blue "Update" button available on top or bottom of page.

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