4. Rooms Setup

For left menu choose "Hotel Management" - "Hotel info" - "[Rooms]" to set up Rooms for your property.

If your property is Villa or House for rent that is selling as whole property, you must define 1 ROOM that represents this property. You can set name of the Room same as name of the property.

To add new rooms, please click "Add New" button.

To modify existing rooms click on edit icon on the end of every Room line.

For every room type (or 1 room that represents your property) you must at least set:

  • Max persons
  • Max Adults
  • Max Children
  • Max Extra Beds
  • Number of available Rooms of each type

We recommend setting at least 4 images and room facilities and room description in all languages you support. All those information will be used for presenatation of room on Booking engine, or when sending room information to OTA channels where Content is supported (e.g. Google Metasearch, TripAdvisor, Atraveo, Booking.com)

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