5. Rates setup

One of advanced features of WebBookingPro is ability to set up Rates on several ways:

If you have "Seasons" we recommend defining seasons so you can easily later add season periods in your Rates for every room. This is not necessary.

Click on Properties & Rooms - [Define] (under Periods column).

With "Add New" Button you can define seasons. With edit you can Modify Season info, or with delete Delete Season info.


After creating or modifying Periods please do full refresh of website - with refresh button on your browser or with keyboard key F5.

Then go to Cockpit.

What is your pricing strategy?

There are several "Strategies" properties use for their pricing...

Strategy 1: Most vacant rentals and some hotels use "Room Rate" strategy. So the price is same for any number of persons in the room.

Later in Cockpit you will see prices like this...

Strategy 2: Some hotels use classic strategy with custom "Double use", "Single use" and sometimes "Tiple use".

Strategy 3: Some hotels use base price strategy when price is set for e.g. 2 persons (2 adults) and later price is sometimes corrected based on this base price - e.g. Single use is 30% cheaper. Extra person is with addition of 45 EUR or 30%.

Strategy 4: Can be combination of any of strategies - e.g. some units use Strategy 1, some 2, some 3...

Tips: Since WebBookingPro supports Occupancy based pricing on Booking.com and Expedia, we recommend having either Strategy 2 or Strategy 3 if you accept Single use or you have Suites with ability to accept many persons (e.g. 6) so we can e.g. differentiate price from 2-6 persons...

Setting new prices or overwriting existing

Setting prices can be done from two different interfaces. First one is Cockpit and second one is "Prices" interface available via small link in Cockpit (under each room type there is a small icon called "Prices")

All price operations immediately send prices to connected OTA channels.

First click on "Set Long-term" button...


This is common template for Strategy 1 (Price per room). Choose Room Type, Choose Predefined Period or set Custom Period from/to, from Set select choose "New Price per Room" and in field Value enter price.

Be aware be default decimal point is comma. You can change it from Settings - Profile...

For Strategy 2 (custom price based on number of persons/adults) from select "Set" choose "New Price single use" for single use or "New price Adults+Children" for all other situations.

For "Double use" price choose Adults:2 , Children: 0.

For "Triple use" price choose Adults: 3, Children: 0,

For Strategy 3 you will have to set Base price (e.g. for double use) as described for Strategy 2. Now we have to define correction which can be addition or discount in fixed amount or in percent (ratio). Click "Set Long-term" button, from select "Set" choose "New Relative Price (Adults+Children based on Adults+Children)".

Generally most hotels do this only once a year and for whole year. E.g. they set 30% discount  for single use (Adults: 1, Children: 0) based on double use (Adults: 2, Children: 0) for period 1/1 - 31/12, Multiply factor 0,70, Correction factor: 0.

Example can be addition of 45 EUR for 3rd person. Choose Adults: 3, Children: 0, based on Adults: 2, Children: 0, for period 1/1 - 31&12, Multiply factor 1, Correction factor 45.

Always first Correction factor used and after it number is multiplied with "Multiply factor". If Multiply factor is 1 and Correction factor is 0, there is no correction. Multiply factor 0,8 is equivalent to 20% discount, multiply factor 1,5 is equivalent to increase of 50%.

Tips: When you want to set up prices for next year, we suggest you using Cockpit with "Set Long-term" button. First select first room, select first Period, set up price as described before and "Do changes". Again, just click on "Set Long-term" button and all previous settings are set. Generally in this set you just need to change Room Type, change price and "Do changes" again. When you finish all room types for first Period, just set again first Room Type, set New Period and repeat all steps as before. Usually this whole procedure takes only couple minutes for average hotel with 6 room types, 6 seasons, for whole year.

Correcting existing prices

When you have some existing prices, you can easily correct daily prices via Cockpit. Change any price you see and after it click on button "Save changes".

You can also use "Set Long-term" button and from select "Set" choose "Price correction" for desired "Room Type", "Rate" and "Period". This can also be interesting for "All Rooms".

Price correction can have 2 different modes - Correction Mode. Absolute value or percentage. Value field can be positive or negative (e.g. -30).

Another solution for easy correction of prices over whole year is using "Prices" interface available via "Prices" icon under "Room Type" on cockpit.

From here you can either delete full periods by clicking on "Trash" icon or change one or several prices on the right column. After any change you will have to confirm operation with "Save changes" button.

Price interface can be customized to see all rates or just specific rate, to view by periods or by day.



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