6. Payment Gateways

Last step is to define your supported Payment options you want to enable.

Available options are:

  • Pay on Arrival - you do not require CC or any payment from guest - all reservation are confirmed imediatelly
  • Bank Transfer - you show guest information where to pay deposit (or full reservation amount) e.g. your IBAN account. All reservation are made imediatelly but you desirve a right to change status to "Confirmed" or "Declined"
  • Online order - you require CC info that is send via PCI DSS specifications. PAN number, date of expire, CC type is visible from Administration area, but CVV number is sent via email. All data is stored for 30 days at most.
  • Other fully payment gateways supported:
    • PayPal
    • Authorize.net
    • 2 checkout
If you work with some other payment gateway, we can develop connection with them by their API specification for FREE on request.

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