Creating additional users

You can create unlitmied users with several access levels.

From left menu, choose "Users", under Accounts group.

You can modify existing user, enable, disable, and you can add new one "Add New".

When creating new user, in first step it is important to put valid name, email and set password. Add different email for each user, so later if someone forgets his password, he can request new password via his email.

Choose Hot

Account type has several predefined levels:

Hotel Owner is the account type with all possible features enabled - Administraive account.

Front desk is a person who can change prices, see reservations, cancel reservation, modify reservation but cannot change Property main options like details, payment methods, policies, rates.

View reservation only is a person you can only view existing reservations without any change.

Click "Create" button.

Important: After creating account you have to Edit newly added user and assign one or more Properties for him...

Click on Edit and with checkboxes on the bottom, select properties he can view/access, click Update at the end.

At the end, in list of all users, you can see which properties can access each of users.

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