Custom (Additional) Rates

WebBookingPro support custom/additional rates that can be used for:

  • Web site Booking Engine
  • Channel Manager - e.g. custom Special Rate for, or Non-refundable rate
  • TravelAgencies - e.g. separate Rate for one or more travel agencies

Custom Rate can be:

  • Separate - all prices and periods are different than Standard Rate
  • Correction of Standard Rate in Fixed Amount +- AND Fixed Ratio *. E.g. (Standard Rate-10) or (Standard Rate-10)*0.97.
  • Correction of Standard Rate based as addition of price based on number of Adults and Children (e.g. for Meal plans).

Each Rate can have separate restrictions for Close, Close on Departure, Close on Arrival and MinLOS.

For example you can add "Non refundable" Rate with 10% discount on Standard rate, by Correction Amount = 0.00 and Correction Factor = 0.90.


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