Promotions (Campaigns)

One of advanced areas of WebBookingPro is area of Promotions & Discounts.

Choose "Promotions & Discounts" from the left menu to create a new one or edit existing promotion.

Tip: We always suggest creating a promotion for e.g. Long Stay (3+ nights) - better option than creating separate discounted rate. With promotion guest will always see regular price (strikethrough), new price and discount in percent.

Promotion or Campaign can be:

  • Standard - always available - e.g. 15% discount for specific period
  • Long -stay - e.g. 15% discount for stay from 3 or more nights
  • First minute - e.g. 15% discount for reservation at least xx days before arrival (release period)
  • Last minute - e.g. 15% discount for reservation at most xx days before arrival
  • Non refundable campaign - e.g. 15% discount for non-refundable reservation at most xx days before arrival (release period)

All campaigns can have:

  • Booking window period - start and end dates when campaign is active for searching
  • Stay window period - for which stay days campaign is active (e.g. only for some days in the future)



All campaigns can have "Minimum nights" trigger set up. If it is 0, it means no minimum nights is required.

Most important feature of WebBookingPro is to enable/disable promotion based on Number of Available (FREE) rooms for some day. With parameter "Minimum available rooms" - system will enable campaign only if number of available room is equal or higher of this number. By this feature you can yield your Last minute or First minute discount to e.g. show on days with low occupancy rate.

All changes to Promotions & Discounts are immediately visible on Booking Engine and sent to Metasearch (e.g. Google).

Creating and managing promotions of your OTA channels is done via their Extranet/Administration area. 


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