Connecting with Google Hotel Ads

  1.  Enabling Google MetaSearch support (Visibility by Google)

First you have to Enable "Google Metasearch" connection between WebBookingPro and Google. Google needs between 24h - 48h to enable property on their side after enabling connection on WebBookingPro.

Before enabling connection with Google Metasearch, please check if all necessary fields for your property set on

Hotel Management - Hotel Info - Edit (under Actions column)

Important information for Google are:

    • Property Type, Name, Address, Postal Code, City, Country, Latitude, Longitude, Phone, Email,Web, Check in time, Checkout time, Cancellation Policy, at least Description on English, but preferable on all available languages (German, Italian, Croatian, Slovenian, Espanol)

To enable "Google Metasearch" connection just click on

Hotel Management - Hotel Info - [Settings] Under Channel Manager column.

Click on "Add New" blue button, select "Google Metasearch" and click on "Create" button.

Then you will get "Google Metasearch" in list of connected Channels. Under 5th Step you can click on [Full Refresh] any time to send latest prices to Google.

When we get information that your property has been enabled on Google, we will automatically for you do this step. After your property is connected Availability and Prices are always automatically synced with Google on any change. You do not have to send them manually. Usually there is no need to do Full refresh except there is a issues with prices or availability on Google.

We send to Google:

  • all prices based on room rate or per person defined exactly same as on your Booking Engine
  • availability rules (number of available rooms, closed, closed for arrival, closed for departure, minimum stay) - they are always exactly same as on your Booking Engine
  • promotions / campaigns - discounts for length of stay, last minute, first minute, or general discount - exactly same as on your Booking Engine

Sometimes Google can show your prices if available for FREE - and click will redirect to your Booking Engine for free, but sometimes you have to connect Google Metasearch with your Google Ads account and create "Hotel Ads" campaign.

IMPORTANT: To create "Hotel Ads" campaign in your Google Ads account you have to contact us with your Google Ads ID so we can connect your Hotel with your Google Ads ID account.

If you do not have Google Ads account, and you want to advertise on Google contact us to create a campaign for you. We create campaign based on your target markets (target countries). Our fee for managing campaigns is 10%. In average CPC for Google Hotel Ads campaign is 1 EUR. For e.g. 100 EUR monthly budget, you will get 90 EUR of usable budget for CPC which is about 90 direct visitors to your Booking Engine. It can lead up to 90 direct reservation without commission.

Usually number of reservations is of course less, but calculate commission you could pay for same reservations to other OTAs and you will see that Google Hotel Ads is very good way of getting reservations with "lower commission".