Connecting with TripAdvisor (TripConnect CPC)

  1.  Enabling TripAdvisor support (Visibility by TripAdvisor)

First you have to Enable "TripAdvisor" connection between WebBookingPro and TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor needs between 24h - 48h to enable property on their side after enabling connection on WebBookingPro.

Before enabling connection with TripAdvisor, please check if all necessary fields for your property set on

Hotel Management - Hotel Info - Edit (under Actions column)

Important information for TripAdvisor are:

    • Property Type, Name, Address, Postal Code, City, Country, Latitude, Longitude, Phone, Email,Web, Check in time, Checkout time, Cancellation Policy, at least Description on English, but preferable on all available languages (German, Italian, Croatian, Slovenian, Espanol)

To enable "TripAdvisor" connection just click on

Hotel Management - Hotel Info - [Settings] Under Channel Manager column.

Click on "Add New" blue button, select "TripAdvisor" and click on "Create" button.

Then you will get "TripAdvisor" in list of connected Channels.

TripAdvisor works by requesting us in real time availability and prices for your property when Guest is viewing your property on TripAdvisor.

Be aware that:

  • all prices based on room rate or per person defined exactly same as on your Booking Engine
  • availability rules (number of available rooms, closed, closed for arrival, closed for departure, minimum stay) - they are always exactly same as on your Booking Engine
  • promotions / campaigns - discounts for length of stay, last minute, first minute, or general discount - exactly same as on your Booking Engine

IMPORTANT: To make your "Official Site" visible on TripAdvisor you have to create and enable TripAdvisor TripConnect campaign.

Log into "TripAdvisor My Business" and look for Drive Bookings - TripConnect - Cost per click.

When choosing provider for your direct bookings, choose "Alpha Software Ltd". This will connect TripAdvisor with WebBookingPro.

Now you define your Campaign settings. Start with low daily budget, average CPC 1.00 EUR and measure results of your capaign.

In average CPC for TripAdvisor campaign is 1 EUR. For e.g. 100 EUR monthly you will get budget for about 100 direct visitors to your Booking Engine. It can lead up to 100 direct reservation without commission.

Usually number of reservations is of course less, but calculate commission you could pay for same reservations to other OTAs and you will see that TripAdvisor is very good way of getting reservations with "lower commission".