Adding/modifying guest book and eVISITOR

  1. Preparation step (for Croatian properties using eVISITOR)

To be able to automatically send new guests upon checkin, modification of guest information and or stay changes and at the end checkout all guests, you have to set up your login information for eVISITOR and your property ID.

Go to "Properties & Rooms", under Actions column click on "Edit" icon for selected property, scroll down to "eVISITOR Infomration" and fill needed information.

Now open your reservation where you guest have checked in.

Click on "Do Check-in" button

Then fill up all guest information... If the total number of guest is wrong, go back to General tab and change number of Adults or Children.

Click on "Do check-in". You can later modify any of those information and again click on "Do check in" and system will mark those guest to "resend". If they have been already sent to eVISITOR no duplicate data will be sent - system will update existing data on eVISITOR.

After this step, go to "Guestbook" on the left menu...

Here you can see all guests staying as some period. Guests having "eVISITOR: to send" chip on the first column - those guests will be either sent for the first time, or modified on eVISITOR (when data is modified or guests have leaved the property).

Click on "Send to eVISITOR" button and system will process all data. If everything is OK, green message will come at the top. If something is wrong, red error message will come on top. Please correct data stated in error message and retry sending again to eVISITOR (press button again).