Creating personalized offers

You can use WebBookingPro to create and even send personalized offers with multiple room/service/package/rate choice.

When creating Reservation or Pre-booking you specify exact room configuration assigned with this reservation or pre-booking - e.g. specific 1 Double room, or 2 Double rooms, or 1 Double Room and 1 Tripple Room. Those reservations and pre-bookings can be with "Due date" so guest has to confirm - accept payment policy (e.g. leave credit card for guarantee or do the payment via Payment gateway based on Sales and Cancellation policy). Email sent to guest (if you choose to send email) will look like reservation created via Booking Engine - but it was created from your side.

If you want to create Offer that has several different options to choose. E.g. offer to 2 adults several different room types, several different servies (e.g. bed&breakfast or halfboard) or even some custom package or custom rate you will use "Personalized offers" features from WebBookingPro.

Set-up templates

First every property at least once has to set up "Templates". Templates have core of the email text that usually included some data WebBookingPro creates (variables), and some data you want to specify in this email.

Personalized offers are created from "New Reservation" function from the left menu.

Templates are customized by clicking on "Create Message" button, and then "Configure templates" button.

For each language you will use later define core of the email.
Supported variables are

{NAME} : this will put guest name

{PERIOD}: dates of arrival and departure

{NIGHTS}: number of nights

{OFFERS}: selected offers

{GUARANTEE}: guarantee text

{ADULTS}: number of adults

{CHILDREN}: number of children

Don't forget to click "Save" button to save templates.

Creating and sending offers

When in "New reservation" feature, select Hotel or (Search in All properties checkbox), Arrival, Departure, enter custom B2B PROOM CODE (optional, if available), select Adults and Children, enter Guest name (optional) and Guest email (optional) and click "Find Offers". On the right side you will get all available room types for selected period, all available services, all available custom rates and all available packages.

Check 1 or more  room types/services with desided number of rooms you want, choose "Language" and click "Create Message" button.

WebBookingPro will based on template for selected Language create text for Offer email.

You can modify text as you wish additionally.

As you can see offer text contains links for confirming option. Each option has specific link that will lead to Booking Engine for your hotel. It will automatically go to "2nd Step" with selected room type, dates, number of adults, children, and service. Guest has to finish booking with entering personal information and payment/guarantee requirements.

You can use WebBookingPro to send this offfer via email - enter email and click "Send email to a guest". Optionally you can check to "Send copy to Hotel".

Another way is to copy all test from this offer and paste it in your mail client/CRM you use.