Creating-viewing-cancelling invoices

  1. Preparation - initial steps

Before creating invoice please setup basic invoice details. Open "Properties & Rooms" from the left menu, click on "Edit" under Action column for selected Property, scroll down to "Company/Owner Information" and fill needed information. If you are Croatian property under "fiscalization" regulative, please contact us to enable "fisacalization" of all invoices.

Also you can set up Tourist Tax (per person) or VAT if you have invoices with VAT. To set up those two things go to "Taxes" from the left menu and add "Accommodation TAX (VAT)" and or "Tourist Tax". If can be different in different periods in a year or between years.


2. Open your Reservation - either from Timeline or from Bookings.

First check the is the price for the booking (room) set correctly. If not change it and do "Save changes".

2. Usually the procedure for guests that still have not arrived but have paid some kind of payment as a guarantee, you are adding "Prepayment" for this payment. Invoice is usually done when service is completed (done) - at the end of stay (on the checkout or day before checkout), and if guest had prepayment, then those prepayments can be used as "paying" for part or complete invoice.

If you arranged with and Airbnb - guests pay to them, and and AirBnB pays to you, then you only have to create Invoice at the end.

To create a "Prepayment" invoice go to "Payments and invoices" and click "Add Prepayment" button.

E.g. Guest had 100 EUR prepayment for his stay. The whole stay was 500 EUR. First you create prepayment with the date of actual prepayment, amount 100 EUR, usually payment type (bank transaction or credit card). At the end of stay you will create invoice with that day (e.g. day of checkout) with total amount 500 EUR, but with used prepayment 100 EUR and for the rest amount of 400 EUR you can choose every payment type you want (cash, credit card). System will create invoice with 500 EUR and "cancel" of prepayment invoice (-100 EUR).

Here are steps for creating invoices as described as scenario bellow.

  1.  Click on "Add Prepayment"

At least enter total amount, add payment types and amounts and "Create invoice".

After creating Prepayment invoice, next step is creating invoice.

Creating invoice or several invoices is done via Folios. Folios is normal way in many PMS solutions where you can see which services guest used, calculation of each service, tourist tax, extra service and everything that was "put" on a room. Folios are not invoices - but you can easily manage items, divide folios and later with 1 click create final invoice or several invoices.

Click on "Folios" tab.

When you first time enter "Folios" tab, system will create 1 folio with 1 or 2 items added:1

1st line (or item) is service / e.g. "Overnight - 2023-01-07 to 2023-01-10 - Double room" with number of nights and total price at the end of line.

and optionally 2nd line (or item) as tourist tax - if property is calculating tourist tax per guest/night (not included in room price).

Of course here you can remove items, add items, change quantity, add another folio and split some items to go to another folio. After any change you can do "Save folio". If you want to reset folio to original state - with 2 items as described before, click on "Update accommodation items" button.

When you are ready to create "Invoice" from Folio, click on "Add Payment" and enter payments for the final invoice. Payments can be cash, back account, credit card, but also can be prepayment.

And again as for prepayment, you have to select which payment types have been used for completing this invoice. If can be prepayment as in our case in full or partial amount and additionally any other payment method. Here we have a combination of prepayment 100 EUR and cash 162 EUR. Fianlly click on "Create Invoice" when total amount is same as sum of all payments.

When invoice is created, you can download and see PDF.

And in reservation details on top right part "Balance" there is 0 EUR stating that All folios closed. This means guest has nothing left to pay.


Later when Invoice is created you can click on it either in Reservation Details, tab "Payments and Invoices" or in "Invoices" part on the left menu to see or download invoice again.


If you look at the invoices you will see that some statuses are Paid, some Void. Void are status for invoices created with "Bank transfer" as payment type, until you confirm those payments are really received. When they are received open invoice, click on "Pay invoice" button and invoice will automatically become green as Paid.

If you have created wrong invoice, the procedure is to "cancel" invoice. Open "final" - last invoice, and click on "Cancel invoice"

System will create "Cancel" invoice which is almost the same as original invoice but with all negative numbers.

In this case original Prepayment of 200 USD has not been canceled since it can still be used for new (correct) invoice. But if you want to return prepayment to a guest , you have to cancel this prepayment invoice. Open first prepayment invoice - in this case 26/1/3 and click on Cancel. After this action, this prepayment is not visible/available any more for new invoices.