Prebookings vs Reservations with due date

WebBookingPro allows you to save time through three tools.

2.1. A tool for creating email text suggestions to the guest

WebBookingPro has a price calculation for the period/number of persons/type of accommodation unit/service at any time. Of course, all the current discounts that you have defined (eg length of stay, first minute, last minute), as well as corrections defined by the Revenue Manager are used. Using the tool "New Reservation", you have the option of creating a proposal for an email response that is defined on the basis of a template that you can always correct yourself, and on the other hand it is filled with prices, information about the service and accommodation, warranty and cancellation conditions. Most often, properties have some templates so that their answers are standardized, but when creating answers manually, errors often occur - the wrong term is specified, the price is calculated incorrectly. You can change the templates yourself to 5 different languages and when creating an email response, you choose the language in which you will create the response.

To create email text, select period, one or more room types/or services (e.g. you can choose Double room B&B and Double room HB so it will create 2 offers in same text) and click top-right button "Create Message". You can choose used langauge from the box next to "Create Message" button. Then you can finalize you text, select all and copy to your email client. To edit a template click on "Configure templates" button when you are in "Create Message" mode.

2.2. Tool for creating offers/prebookings

Another option is to create "offers" or "pre-bookings". Pre-reservations are sent to the guest in the form of an email that is almost identical to the email of the real reservation, but it is clearly stated that it is a pre-reservation and that it needs to be confirmed. In the system itself, the pre-booking does not close the unit until it is confirmed. The confirmation can be manually activated by you through the WebBookingPro system (open prebooking and click "Confirm prebooking" button), or automatically by the guest - the guest receives a link in his email through which he can confirm the reservation according to your defined rules (eg sending credit card information, charging a part or 100% of the amount through a system credit card payments, confirmation that they will pay through a bank transaction). Upon confirmation of the pre-booking, it becomes a real booking that closes the unit and it is visible in Timeline. Pre-reservations can have an expiration date and time after which they cancel in pre-bookings state.

You can always look at all Pre-bookings from "Pre-bookings" in the left menu. You can select only active unconfirmed prebookings, see expired, see canceled and confirmed pre-bookings. Confirmed pre-bookings are of course visible in real "Bookings".

2.3. Booking tool with expiration option

The third option is to create real reservations with an expiration date and time, which close their unit on all channels, but are recorded in the system as "unconfirmed" until you manually confirm them. If you do not confirm them by the specified date or expiry, they can be automatically cancelled if selected to Automatically cancel on due. The guest will receive a confirmation of cancellation if the email address is specified when creating the reservation.

You can always filter "Unconfirmed" reservations in "Bookings" list.