Welcome email and Self check-in

WebBookingPro can automatically send "Welcome" (pre-stay) email to your guests or you can send it manually to guests you choose at specific time you want.

This Welcome email can contain link for "Self check-in" which enables your guests to fill-in guest information (name, date of birth, country of birth, citizenship, city and country where they live and identification card information).

Self-check is available only before guest has been checked in on PMS side ("Do check-in" button in Reservation), and of course up to 7 days before arrival and on day of arrival.

Welcome mail can be sent in English or Croatian if sent manually, but when sent automatically it will be always in English.

To configure Welcome email and enable automatic send, go to "Configure" section of "SELF CHECK-IN" in left menu.


Then you can set Automatic send to "Yes/no" and define number of days in advance to look for when sending around 7 AM in the morning.

You can change/set Email subject and Email text for English and Croatian Welcome email.

{LINK} must be placed inside text - in position where you want WebBookingPro to put link for self check-in.

After changing make sure to press "Save changes" blue button.

When you finished configuring system you can manually send welcome / pre-stay email by going to "Send invitations" under "Self check-in" part of left menu.

You can select specific property or all properties, system will offer you bookings arriving today or in next days and offer you to manually select each person. Also you can click on "Do not send!" button which will mark person for not sending welcome email never in the future. You can change language and email (if wrong or missing).

Finally when you are ready to send, you can click "Send" top-right button.