Task Management System

Assign, prioritize and track your employees' tasks!

Manage tasks with ease

Improve your workforce’s efficiency by using Tasks application which helps you schedule employees’ to-do lists! By assigning and prioritizing tasks for each employee, make it easy for staff to understand their assignments and stay organized.

Get real-time updates on tasks and track which tasks are in queue, in progress or done, as well as insight in time spent on tasks.

Raise productivity, raise better control of all hotel operations – daily, weekly, monthly, one-time in all areas.

Benefits for all - owners, chief officers other employers.

30-days FREE Trial



  • 1 Task - multiple Assigned People
  • 1 Task - Visible to multiple People (not assigned)
  • On every change (New task, Modified Task, Added Comment, Task Accepted, Task Closed) all Assigned People and Owner are Email
  • Daily 7AM - Task Remainders Emails to All people with active tasks (Due tasks, Today's tasks, comming tasks in next few days)
  • Viewing tasks with many filtering options (Status, Due Date, Position, Assigned People)
  • Unlimited Users (People on tasks)
  • Unlimited task positions (e.g. Room 1, Room 11,Pool, Restaurant, ...)
  • Unlimited task categories (e.g. Service, Sales, Ordering, ...)
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