How to move from another Channel Manager?

Moving from your current Channel Manager to WebBookingPro...Is this possible? Is this stressful?

Few years ago moving from one Channel Manager to another would take more "user" work to take care after connection has been created with new channel manager, but today, moving from one Channel Manager to another can be done within few minutes without stress!

The procedure is quite easy and has few steps to follow.

  1. step: Prepare configuration as WebBookingPro is first and only Channel Manager:
    1. Create room types (e.g. "Standard double room", "Deluxe double room", "Penthouse suite"). At least set total number of room of each type - e.g. 10 x Standard double room, 10 x Deluxe double room, 2 x Penthouse suite. Link: http://www.webbookingpro.com/old/help/4-rooms-setup/
    2. Assign Rates for each room types. From Cockpit, click on "Prices" .Link for updating Rates: http://www.webbookingpro.com/old/help/5-rates-setup/
    3. Assign Availability as your Real Availability at the moment - e.g. for each day if you have 3 Free Standard double rooms, enter number 3.From Cockpit, click on "Availability "Link for updating availability: http://www.webbookingpro.com/old/help/availability-restrictions/Tip: Another way for fast setting availability and restrictions e.g. (Minimim Stay, Closed) - use Cockpit, blue button "SetLong Term Data" and set properties for each room type or all rooms at once.

So with those 3 simple steps, you prepared WebBookingPro almost for all needed functions - Booking Engine and Channel Manager. Now you are ready to connect to your OTAs (currently and or not connected over another Channel Manager).

2. step: Connecting to your OTAs:

WebBookingPro has some direct connections (like Booking.com, Agoda, Trip.com) and some over Channel Manager partners.

When you connect your property to Booking.com (e.g. following steps in http://www.webbookingpro.com/old/help/adding-booking-com-connection/ ). In "Channel Manager Settings" there is a new feature "Import, Check". Once you click on this link WebBookingPro will import ALL existing reservations on Booking.com and any cancellation or modification of existing reservations in the future will be handled automatically both in our system and in your PMS if you are connected with your PMS to WebBookingPro.

Before this feature, any Channel manager couldn't know anything about your previous reservations so usually he rejected any cancellation or modification and you would get email directly from Booking.com to manually cancel or modify reservation. After "Import,Check" feature all existing and active reservation in the future will be added to WebBookingPro system and you will see them.

Important: Availability is not changed. Importing will just import reservations without modifying Availability. You are supposed to manually set up correct Availability before Import. Of course, after and new reservation, modification of existing or cancellation of existing reservation will automatically set new availability and send to all other connected OTAs.

When you use our partner OctoRate for e.g. Expedia connection, the procedure is same. First you connect Expedia to OctoRate, then do Import, Check and again, you will get all existing active Expedia reservations with future arrival visible in our System.

Not all OTA connections support importing existing reservation. For those which do not support this feature, you will have to manually process cancellation or modification of any reservation created before connecting to WebBookingPro or our partner OctoRate.

Our statistics show that 99% of reservations are made on several biggest OTA channels (Booking.com, Expedia, AirBnB, ..) and for those biggest OTAs we can import all existing reservations. So if you have some other unimported reservations it should be less than 1% in average.

How long I will be without Channel Manager?

In average all those steps can be done within few minutes. We can do whole process for you - you will have to give us access to your computer via some software like AnyDesk/TeamViewer and we can together do migration from one Channel Manager to Another in few minutes per channel. This support is of course Free and included in our subscription.

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