Web Virtual Concierge

Boost inhouse sales, promote safe and healthy communication with your guests

Redefine your hospitality services

Today’s guests are looking for much more than a location or bed when they travel. They are searching for unique, emotional experiences that turn their visit into much more than just a stay in a room. New high safe and healthy standards – COVID situation in the world has increased number of room services, used features of fast check-in and fast check-out and increased direct online communication with hotel stuff. These experiences are engrained in the details they encounter during their stay.

Deliver a new standout service to your guests. Easily build your own interface that guests can access 24/7 using their own devices.

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Benefits for guests

  • Instant access to hotel services
  • Express check-in features
  • Express check-out features
  • Digital hotel map
  • Respect social distancing
  • Enhance guest communication
  • Use it from anywhere – on mobile phone, on laptop or computer in your Internet corner.
  • No need for installing mobile application!
  • Access to useful links, documents, promotion media

Benefits for owners

  • More inhouse sales – more room services, more reserved wellness treatments, more F&B orders
  • Build forms that can have multiple steps, different steps based on their options
  • Respect social distancing
  • Build forms that can be paid imediatelly using Payment Gateways (Stipe, Paypal, Payway by Hrvatski Telekom, Corvus, …)
  • Easily promote special offers to guests
  • No infrastructure needed – we host, secure and give you 99% availability
  • Build trust
  • Unlimited number of forms, links, documents
  • Increase service level and guest satisfaction
  • Unlimited number of supported languages
  • Fully customizable design – colors of background, logo, colors of panels, custom CSS, custom HEAD, custom Header, custom Footer.
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